Building is part art and part craftsmanship. It requires extensive forethought, a comprehensive knowledge base of construction practices, attention to detail and a learned as well as intuitive understanding of the flow of construction that coalesce to make the many moving parts run as a well oiled machine. These combine for a unique skill set necessary to avoid costly delays, achieve a beautiful and well built product, on schedule and within budget. These skills are required to construct today’s structures, which contain a series of complex systems, and a look that is not only elegant but functional. When built correctly, these structures offer a level of safety, security, efficiency and comfort unmatched by buildings completed as recently as 10 years ago.

In order to provide our customers with the highest level of service, Ashworth Homes offers custom-build and speculative-build services beginning at the earliest stages of project planning. In this manner our customers, whether an investor, developer or homeowner, gain value through our experience and early involvement in the design, permitting and specification process.

Ashworth specializes in residential construction. Our typical projects range from substantial remodels to custom homes and new multifamily buildings. We typically work around the Seattle area but have been known to venture further abroad.

See examples below of some of our projects.