Extreme Makeover

On the day Ty Pennington knocked on Michael and Dawn Kirkwood’s door, their home was barely livable. Months before, a disreputable contractor had absconded with a substantial amount of the money they had saved to finish their basement and provide the much needed space for their family of seven. To make matters worse, the contractor had begun tearing apart the basement so when he left, toxic mold infested the house. Feeling they had no where else to turn, 11 year old Jael, their youngest daughter appealed to ABC for help. In line with our core values, we knew it was our responsibility to answer this call, to give back a week of sleep and hard work, to partner with ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and several other local builders and suppliers to give the Kirkwood family a brand new home free of toxic mold and with enough space for their growing family.

Ashworth Homes managed construction of the foundation, installation of windows, exterior doors, siding, and exterior stone as well as the construction of all decks for the Kirkwood’s Extreme Makeover home. In addition, Ashworth staff also designed, constructed and installed custom artistic millwork for Ty’s secret room, which he personally designed for Jael. Amazingly completion of the home occurred only 5 days after it began!