Sometimes you simply want someone who has experience to help you through – Ashworth Consulting can help. Our consulting services provide you with the timely information, expert guidance, advice and contacts to make wise and informed decisions related to your project. Clients enjoy access to our continuously updated construction cost information and network of value-based contractors and suppliers. Some of the services provided by Ashworth Consulting include:

Partnership & Investor Consultation

Assistance acquiring investment capital through development of investor packages and networking among interested parties.

Site Feasibility Analysis

Site feasibility analyses covering an evaluation of best use of property, foreseen and unforeseen costs, analyzing final valuation, finding often hidden but required lot development costs including easements, setbacks, permits, utilities.

Cost Estimating

Assistance with plans-based cost estimating using Ashworth’s detailed construction cost database. Cost estimates provided in itemized categories for easy reference and draw submittals.

Schedule Development

Preliminary construction schedule assembled in Microsoft Project based upon real-time labor and materials scheduling

Proforma Preparation

Proforma Preparation – Summary of acquisition, development, construction, carrying and sales costs as well as revenue projections. Ashworth will compare the resulting estimated return on investment with other recent projects in the region and provide recommendations to improve returns.

Process Guidance

Process Guidance – Land development and building are two of the most process-intensive endeavors you can imagine. Ashworth Consulting provides the experienced advice, together with top-rated architects, engineers and permit specialists, to guide your project to successful approval

Plans Coordination

Plans Coordination – Assistance selecting design professionals and review of preliminary and final plans for correctness, efficiency and style.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering – Ashworth Consulting provides value engineering services on all projects. In the value engineering process Ashworth reviews the plans from several different perspectives in order to identify redundant or unnecessary costs that to not help to obtain your objectives. This process provides the means by which we assure you receive the most value for your money.

Construction Guidance

Construction Guidance – Guidance may be provided to varying degrees based upon your desires. Our assistance may range from phone consultations to periodic visitation of the job site.

Financing and Partnering Assistance

Financing and Partnering Assistance – Access to traditional and non-traditional funding sources for acquisition, construction and holding.