Project Manager

General Job Description

We are a residential home builder in the Seattle area and we’re looking for an experienced Project Manager. The Project Manager is responsible for the development and execution of project scope, budget and schedule from start to finish.  He/She maintains the primary responsibility for the project throughout its lifecycle.  The Project Manager will aid in project feasibility and lead Ashworth’s work associated with developing initial plans, budget, and schedule for new jobs.  The Project Manager is expected to coordinate with appropriate staff including the project Superintendent to develop realistic estimates for these items as well as to adequately document and communicate the job-specific budgets and specifications.

During the construction process the Project Manager is responsible to ensure that the project is being managed to the schedule and budget.  Toward this end the Project Manager will identify the required resources including Superintendent, Administrative staff, and outside subcontractors/suppliers.  Depending on the job, the Project Manager may remain as the primary client contact throughout the construction process or may transition this responsibility to the Superintendent if appropriate.  Project Manager is also responsible for defining or obtaining project specifications and material procurement in a timely fashion to maintain the project schedule and budget.

Project Manager reports directly to the President and is expected to communicate major changes in schedule or budget to him.  Coordinates as a peer with Construction Superintendent but is responsible for resourcing field staff, including the Superintendent, to insure proper execution of the schedule, budget and contract.  The Project Manager may expect to spend approximately 70-80% of their time in the office, with the remainder spent in the field.

Specific Duties (Speculative Construction)

  • Executes the entitlement strategy in coordination with the President
  • Manages the permitting process and execution of the Development Plan with the assistance of Administrative Assistant or other staff resources. Key elements of the Plan and its execution are:
    • Permitting Package/Project submittals
    • Coordination of the design professionals including Architects and Engineers for the development of the permit and construction plans
    • Project Estimate
    • Material Specifications
    • Site and Building plans
    • Coordinates plan development, applications, submittal and coordination of utilities (i.e Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities and Puget Sound Energy)
  • Creates the Project Budget, Project Specifications, Entitlement schedules and Development Tracking Workbooks
  • Facilitates the effective transition to the Construction Phase by assisting the Superintendent in the creation and progress monitoring of the Construction Plan and Schedule (including budget)
  • Assist in the effective marketing of the project based on the Project Concept, the target market, and supporting features
  • Monitors development, submittals, approvals and recording of platting documents, sales documents and CCR’s
  • Develop and maintain relationships with city/county reviewers and design professionals

Specific Duties (Custom Construction)

  • Performs initial project intake including preliminary scoping, scheduling and budgeting.
  • Coordinates with design professionals and client to define detailed project scope and identify budget and schedule constraints.
  • Prepares detailed project schedule and budget to be used during construction.
  • Coordinates with client or design team to develop detailed project specifications.
  • Obtains bids and/or performs take-offs in support of detailed budget development
  • Coordinates with Superintendent to review questionable bids, new material suppliers or new subcontractors.
  • Maintains periodic meetings with client/design team throughout preconstruction activities in order to achieve the objectives of defining the scope, budget and schedule.
  • Responsible for providing clear and detailed information regarding project parameters (scope, budget, schedule) to Superintendent at start of Construction Phase.  This may include specifications package, schedule, and budget.
  • May maintain periodic meetings with client/design team and Superintendent during Construction Phase to ensure compliance with specifications, schedule, and budget
  • Provides Construction Phase support to Superintendent for bid or material procurement confirmation or changes.
  • Constantly monitors project budget and schedule and provides monthly budget updates to President and Superintendent.  Notifies President if major threats or changes to budget or schedule occur.

Required Qualifications

  • 2+ years experience in residential planning, jurisdictional entitlement, permitting, and land use
  • Ability to develop project proforma and construction budgets
  • Proven track record of direct responsibility for project entitlement and permitting
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills
  • Leadership, communication, and personal skills commensurate with the role
  • Integrity
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Drug free

Preferred Qualifications

  • Entitlement and permitting experience within the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development
  • Bachelors Degree in Urban Planning, Construction Management, Architecture, or a related field
  • Well-rounded experience in home building (preferably including Multi-Family Townhomes and/or custom single-family homes) including estimating, buying, and Project Management
  • Experience and training with a national or large regional homebuilder or residential developer
  • Proficiency in Buildertrend project management software